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Corporate Workshops

Wellbeing at Work

Mental Health at Work

This type of art is a unique means of developing team unity; individuals work together to share the learning of a new skill. It is an excellent alternative to meditation that helps increase mindfulness and has the added bonus of being a collaborative activity.

Sessions enable team members to collaborate, encourage and praise each other, share success but also produce an individual piece of art which is unique to them.  They connect and bond as they explore their creativity and even find their “inner artist”.
I have already run several successful corporate mandala workshops for Mind Charity which have been very successful. Testimonials from these events are at the end of this page.
Participants in my courses find that their stress and anxiety levels drop and that they find the experience both calming and invigorating.  I try to create a multi-sensory experience for all participants which involves smell, sound, touch and sight which involves aromatherapy oils diffused in the room, gentle calming music, and a projector showing beautiful scenes of nature, smooth stones and colour. Workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities of team members.
I can teach up to 40 participants'  and to ensure I can give attention to all members of the group, I have people that come along with me to make sure everyone is supported.
These workshops demonstrate how effective mandala art workshops have been in team building, providing stress reduction, expressing creativity, achieving success in a new skill, and most importantly enjoyment.
I feel as though every team environment needs time to unwind and Love Dotting Mandala Workshops would be a great asset to your company. the staff performances and help staff with their mental health at work.
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