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Mobile Mandala Workshops for  Adults and Children

An alternative to booking onto a workshop is to let me come to you, and book a mobile mandala party with a group of your family or friends and let me create an evening full of fun, laughter and creativity.

A maximum of 30 people, for a 2/3/4/6 hours and I provide everything.

No distance too great as I travel all over to provide these fab evenings/days/weekends.

If candles, lavender diffuser, calm music and scenes of nature projected onto a wall are not your thing then any music or set up of your liking is possible.

Children's Dotting Parties
These have been a great success and something totally different for youngster or teenagers to do, and be of off their phones for a couple of hours, and teaching them a technique to relax, calm and de-stress them.

Teenager Dotting Parties

Many teenagers suffer from stress and anxiety now and especially during examination time: arranging a "teenager dotting party" for your teenager and their friends will have amazing benefits and teach them a new craft that they can easily do at home at times they wish to be more relaxed and less anxious.  It also enables them to be of off their mobiles phones and social media for two hours enabling themselves to be centred and in the present moment.  They really do find it hugely beneficial and are so surprised at how the time flies and how much they have enjoyed it, plus they are so proud of the mandala they have created.
Family & Friends Dotting Party
Childrens Party
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