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The Workshops

I provide many workshops around the local area but travel far and wide to spread the joy of dotting to people, a simple hobby that can be learnt, even if you feel you do not have an artistic bone in your body, there is always an inner artist hidden in there somewhere which I help you to find and for you to be amazed at your creativity.
It is a lovely hobby to learn and one that I feel is perfect for today's stresses and strains in our society.  Many of us do not get time to stop and just relax and unwind, dotting helps you to do this and forget about everything.  I play calming music and scenes of nature with a projector plus I have a lavender diffuser, all adding to a soothing atmosphere, but if not your thing then any music can be played.

My workshops are for two hours and are for a maximum of 40 people and I provide everything.  Suitable for ages 7 and upwards.

It's a great  way to meet people as I have so many regular returning customers now, so am creating a community of dotters... 

Workshops cost £35 for a two - three hour workshop
£40 for a four hour workshop

Homemade stones
Fun workshop
Christmas Snowflake
Christmas swirl design
Create98 Leigh
What beautiful designs
Such fun workshops and meeting new people
Some of my art work
A lily pad inspired this design
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